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Get Your desired IELTS score with us!

Ielts azerbaijan
Gülnar Baxşəliyeva

Get Your

desired IELTS

score with us!

Ielts with Gulnar

Our Programs

IELTS mock exams based on real exam structure at every weekend
Intensive IELTS courses with lifetime access to all materials and Zoom classes

IELTS, Pre IELTS, General English and Speaking classes

Academic words with video
or voice explanations and synonyms; 15 days IELTS Writing marathons with materials provided and feedbacks

Mock exams

Online classes



With our mentorship

You will be provided with spesific materials by our teachers
You will always be motivated by our instructors on the challenging way to IELTS
Clear explanations and interesting and interactive lessons will make understanding the lessons easier
Additional speaking classes will help you to improve your fluency
Weekly mock exam will help you to feel more relaxed in your exam and will give you a chance to follow your progress
Ielts azerbaijan
İngilis dili kursları


Gülnar Baxşəliyeva
İngilis dili kursları
Quiz and level
Conversation at

Practice for speaking
and listening
(every lesson)

(90 minutes)

2 times per week

General English

Ielts with Gulnar

Local and foreign

Maximum 4-5 people
in a group

Film and book discussion

Topic based vocabulary

2 times per week

Speaking Lessons

dili kursları
(every week)

Trial exam

(every day)

Practice hours

(60 minutes)

speaking section

1time per week for

(90 minutes)

listening, reading,

2 times per week for

IELTS Lessons

Ielts azerbaijan ,Ielts Gulnar . Gülnar Baxşəliyeva İngilis dili kursları
Quiz Days

(every lesson)

Practice for listening,
reading, writing,

Increasing Vocabulary

Improving Grammar

(90 minutes)

2 times per week

Pre-IELTS Lessons

About us

I am Gulnar - 5 years experienced General English and IELTS Instructor.
I have been teaching IELTS for 5 years and during this period I have taught more than 300 students and most of them have achieved good results changing between 6.5 and 8.0.
Moreover, I have a great team consisting of professional and experienced teachers who teach General English , Speaking , and Pre - IELTS classes .
You can get your target IELTS score, improve your speaking skills in English and boost your language skills through our classes.

Gülnar Baxşəliyeva
İngilis dili kursları


- Flexible timing

- 1.5 month intensive

- Lifetime access to all
--needed materials

Intensive Online
IELTS Course

- Addition motivations
- Voice or video

- Sample sentences

- Definitions

- Synonyms

- Translation

- 10 words per day

( C1- C2 Level Words)

Academic Words

- And giving feedback

- Task1, task 2

Checking IELTS essays

- Reference or
- Recommendation letters


- Motivation letters

Writing services

- Feedback

IELTS Task 1, Task 2

- Practice

- Structure

15 days IELTS
writing marathon

As it is commonly acknowledged, using higher score words is essential to boost your score for writing and reading sections in IELTS. This book provides you with the most used academic and higher score ( C1-C2 level) words with their synonyms in English, definitions, translations and even sample sentences in order to understand the meanings accurately.
If you want to achieve more than 6.5 IELTS band score this book can be the best source for you to learn the chosen and necessary academic words easily.

We are going to introduce you the book by Gulnar Bakhshaliyeva : High Score Vocabulary for IELTS.

Video Lessons


 Ielts azerbaijan ,Ielts Gulnar


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